IMPACT Committee

Develop criteria for tracking and measuring the impact of LOT program.

Curriculum Committee/Business Case

Committee will develop and reinforce the LOT curriculum for the year. The committee will provide support, attend, plan out working sessions, and secure resources needed to assist students through business case prep and try-outs.

Fundraising Committee

Plan and develop yearly fundraising activities to support the LOT program. Work with students on a yearly student-driven fundraising project that enhances and develops their skill set and business acumen.

Outreach Committee

Responsible for identifying avenues to recruit students that meet the skill level and behaviors needed to matriculate through the LOT program. Raise awareness about the LOT Program in the Charlotte community.

Parent Committee

​Drive parental involvement and keeping LOT parents “IN THE KNOW” about Program updates and activities.  Program information includes, but not limited to: LOT Program Goals & Expectations, Accomplishments, Upcoming Events, Important Dates, Ways to get involved, etc.

​Mentorship Development Program

Drive intentional mentorship that is goal based and accountability driven. Ensure that a structure is place for mentor-mentee engagement and ensure that mentors are adhering to engagement guidelines. 

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LOT Sub-Committees

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