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We are always looking for mentors! For more information about the Leaders of Tomorrow program, contact:

​Director of Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT)

Natasha Cornelius

annual lot conference

This event is held at the NBMBAA Annual Conference & Exposition.  Every fall the Charlotte Chapter sponsors 3-4 students to attend the National LOT conference. An intensive schedule of workshops, interactive experiences, leadership challenges and discussions designed to empower young visionaries, train and motivate students to raise the bar in areas critical to their success. High school students from across the globe meet to push the boundaries of their potential and learn how to achieve accomplishments beyond their imagination. Students have access to extraordinary successful individuals and given the resources needed to chart their own course to maximize the promise of their future. 


what is leaders of tomorrow?

​Leaders of Tomorrow®is a high school mentorship program (Grades 9-12) designed to expose minority youth to African American business professionals and assist in identifying positive career and educational options. In addition to high school students, the Charlotte Chapter welcomes Jr. LOT (middle school students) to participate in monthly sessions. The LOT program provide students a head start on their future as a professional with participation in monthly workshops throughout the school year on Academic and College Preparation, Professional Development, Leadership Development and Community Service. Activities include session topics such as Presentation Skills, Goal Setting & Time Management, Financial Literacy & Skills and Business Etiquette. 

LOT helps young people learn both how to prepare to take advantage of and create opportunities. They are exposed to different ways of thinking, different cultures, diverse career fields, numerous colleges, and people who have achieved greatness. In the process, future leaders discover that whatever they want to accomplish in life is within their grasp, as long as they have the discipline, courage, assertiveness, and skill to make it happen.

"All I knew is that I never wanted

to be average." ~ Michael Jordan 

leaders of tomorrow

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